Mattress Info

We display many models of mattress qualities in the store. 6 of the styles are original design and construction and have two usable sides.
You can turn the mattress upside down and right side up to get double the life plus comfort. It is almost impossible to find in any other store.

Double Sided Mattress

Double Sided Traditional

Looking to provide your customers with a more durable, longer-lasting mattress? Then our Double Sided mattress line is your answer. This line extends product life by way of it’s dual-sided construction.

With just one flip, your customers are able to increase the lifespan of their mattress by twice the normal amount, making this line a value that is hard to resist.

Micro Coil Mattress

Micro Coil

Our Micro Coil Collection utilizes individually encased springs and ultra-flexible encased wire to give increased support while providing the ultimate comfort .

The new Micro Coil Collection utilizes the sleep technology to make this mattress sleep system ideal for those seeking the ultimate in personalized comfort and support.

Luxury Hybrid Matress

Luxury Hybrid

Designed for those seeking ultimate comfort and support, our Luxury Hybrid Collection blends two outstanding technologies into one remarkable mattress.

Quad Coil Technology provides noteworthy support and motion separation unmatched by any other sleep system on the market. Combined with a cool, gel-infused conforming sleeping surface, this mattress line breaks the boundaries of traditional comfort.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam

The Memory Foam collection is a perfect alternative to a traditional innerspring mattress. Using the latest Visco foam technology, this collection provides reduced motion transfer, exceptional support, and pressure relief to the shoulders, back and hips.

Cool Reflections Mattress

Cool Reflections

Enjoy a cooler night’s rest with our Cool Reflections Series. This Visco foam mattress is gel-infused for a cooling response that moderates body temperature, providing superior comfort and a deeper night’s sleep.

With more support than the traditional foam mattress, this gel-infused collection also achieves advanced pressure relief.

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